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Diageo / Meta

Meta beer company has been employed IntraCom ICT Solutions for different ICT Services they provide: IT Support service including Maintenance of Hardware Devices; the Design, Supply, Installation, Build and Commission of the New Meta Data Center from Scratch. [Redundant Fiber Connection, Raised Floor, Environmental Control, Network Configuration, Electrical System, Fire Alarm, Access Control System]; Site-to-Site VPN between the HQ Office and Branch Offices and Insuring us to use intranet application over the cloud securely; Local Area, Wireless and Wide Area Network Design, Supply, Installation and Configuration of Related Hardware.

Ethio Telecom

Network Installation (LAN, WLAN) and Fiber Backbone Installation for TNS Building have been successfully established for the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation.The network consists of 1,500 nodes.

Moreover, this is to confirm that, IntraCom ICT Solutions has successfully delivered Cisco FSP (GLC-LH-SMD) up to 10Km Single mode which was requested through RFQ No.3330008 and as per the contract.

Ethiopian National AIDS Resource Center

Intracom ICT Solutions have completed Electric, Voice and Data Wiring to the AIDS Resource Center of Ethiopia. The network wiring consists of around 300 integrated data and voice nodes that span into 2 floors in Dembel City Center Building on Bole road.

Wasasa Micro-Finance Institution S.C.

Wasasa Micro-Finance SC:-IntraCom ICT Solutions assigned for the Design, Supply, Installation, Build and Commission of the WASASA Microfinance S.C. Network, Server and Datacenter Infrastructure from Scratch. The project comprises of, Building Robust, Secured, Scalable Datacenter Supply and Build Datacenter Environmental Monitoring, Cooling System, and Electro-Mechanical System Design, Supply and Build; Equipment ,Blade Servers Supply Installation and Configuration; Operating System, Window Server 2012 Enterprise, Database Software’s- Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, MS SQL 2012 Enterprise, Supply and Installation; Storage Area Network (SAN) supply and configure; Cisco Network Equipment Supply , Configuration, Design and Build WAN link between WASASA’s branches to enable Site-to-Site Communication Securely Testing and Commissioning of the overall ICT infrastructure end-to –end by October 31st 2013.


IntraCom ICT Solutions was contracted for Data Local Area Networking which encompasses two floors of Guna Trading House PLC, Main Office premises. IntraCom has successfully accomplished it's obligations; the Networking is up to the standard and as per the specifications and has submitted the work according to the time limit stipulated in the mutual agreement. As part of the business process, IntraCom ICT Solutions has been selected to be the prime ICT Service Provider. So far, IntraCom has been extremely reliable, honest, customer oriented and cost conscious. In every aspect of the business, IntraCom has been very cooperative.

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia: Science and Technology Information Center

IntraCom ICT Solutions P.L.C. has carried out supplement and configuration of server space materials including Rack, patch panel and brush panel with cable organizer for science and Technology Information Center's Data Center. Therefore, this is to testify that IntraCom has successfully carried out the supplement and configuration of server space materials and provider advice training during the implementation process. IntraCom has met it's contractual obligations and shown cooperation in responding to our requests.

Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC)

IntraCom ICT Solutions also provided Consultancy Service for the Expansion & Upgrading of Network Infrastructure and Data Center Physical & Network Security of Client’s Head Quarter and District office for Ethiopian Insurance Corporation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Saro-Maria Hotel

IntraCom provides value added services that include Design and building of technology Infrastructure geared for better business results and performance: Internet, WAN, Voice Network, Sever Infrastructure, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Building Automation System, TV system for Saro-Maria Hotel.

Customer: AMBO Mineral Water S.C.

Project's Accomplished Activities: IntraCom ICT Solution has also been contracted by AMBO Mineral Water S.C. and accomplished the following projects: Implementation of Data Center, Server, Security Infrastructure, ERP System, and Networking LAN Implementation and Integration. As a result, the firm successfully delivered and implemented Network and Data Center Infrastructure up to standard. Furthermore, the project was delivered before stated schedule.


Network Installation (WAN, LAN, WLAN), Video Conference & Satellite Communication installation and Configuration, Fiber Backbone Installation, FA, PA, CCTV and Access Control Installation, Electrical System Installation in Plant House and Ware-houses have been successfully established for the Coca-Cola company.

British Council

IntraCom ICT Solutions has also been implementing and establishing the Installation, Build and Commission at the new British Council Data Center. The Scope of the project comprises of Network Infrastructure both WAN and LAN, Structure Cabling and Data Center Migration. Works were completed in January 2009. The IntraCom Team have performed the assigned tasks to the full satisfaction of the Client and end user of British Council.

Emirates Airlines

The IntraCom Team have also done incredible network installations and system integration for our customers on Dembel City Center building. Emirates Airlines 1st-3rd floor (WAN, PABX, LAN, and Service Integration), Aids Resource Center 6th—10th floor (WAN, LAN, Service Integration, Electrical System, Generator, Air Conditioning) projects have been done.

Agricultural Transformation Agency

IntraCom ICT Solutions have completed supply, Installation, Configuration and Commissioning of ICT Network Infrastructure components for Network Upgrading project for the Agricultural Transformation Agency.

UK Aid

Department For International Development:- The Services rendered by Intracom included supply of IT Consumables, hardware and software as well as providing maintenance of computers (MAC and Windows Operating Systems), printers and other services that be may required from time to time such as troubleshooting, assistance with the server, shared drives (including access and permissions), networking matters and back-ups. In addition to the above, IntraCom also designed the Server infrastructure, preparing for resource sharing, backups, applying user permissions, user and resource management, monitoring network, monitoring System Access and enabling resource access between Windows and MAC Users.

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology: eContent Development Project

Electronic Content development with state-of-the-art instructional media development process is the direction being followed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) in an attempt to enrich the existing eLearning Portal with more training courses. Accordingly, as a continuation to its previous effort, MCIT contracted IntraCom ICT Solutions for the design, development and deployment of eContent for three courses. The training contents which are included under this project are:

      • Linux System Installation and Administration
      • Software Testing Quality Assurance
      • IT Audit
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    Wasasa Micro Finance S.C.

    The project done by IntraCom ICT Solution P.L.C. had a large positive impact on our business as it also been done up to the required standard.
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    UK AID Department for International Development

    IntraCom ICT Solution P.L.C. has provided us with great IT system management and would recommend them for similar opportunities and job offers from your company.
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